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The first process in window and door frame fabrication is the double head cutting mechanism, where highly precise linear processes give accurate dimensions to the frame. Our biggest USP at SIMTA uses an Angular cutting mechanism using high precision computerized motors to give highly accurate dimensions. Our machines are capable of giving a single stretch of 4200 mm of clear cut dimension, which is a true rarity.


Model No.


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Product Features

Delivered with Precision

  • Simta Green innovation High Precise Profile Cutting for uPVC Profiles at 45° and 90°.
  • Simta Green innovation Auto Angle Rotation for Cutting up to 55°.
  • Simta Green innovation Rigid Built Up Heads for Length and Angle Accuracy.
  • Simta Green innovation Multiple Profile Cutting Option with a Large Bed Space to Cut up to 120mm.
  • Simta Green innovation Adjustable Saw Blade Feeding Mechanism.
  • Simta Green innovation Cutting Head Movement up to 4200mm (Clear Cut).
  • Simta Green innovation Profile Support is attached to the Movable Head for balancing the profiles.
  • Simta Green innovation Front Clamping for rigid profile fixing.
  • Simta Green innovation Digital Read out Technology for Accurate and Precise Cutting.
  • Simta Green innovation Adjustable Support Stand for Balance of Profiles in Full Span Length.
Simta Green innovation
Simta Green innovation
Clamping Mechanism

The movement of the machine is as precise as computerized ones to ensure variety in the different angles it can offer.

Simta Green innovation
Cutting Blade

The cutting blade width of the machine ensures that it can cut the maximum width of the profile. We have wide blades that give you maximum width to a single section.

Simta Green innovation
Movement Mechanism

The precision of the machine ensures the deliverability of accurate dimensions, which forms the basis for the rest of the work being carried out smoothly.

Technical Specifications

Saw Blade Diameter: ɸ455mm
Saw Blade Speed: 2880 rpm
Max. Cutting Length: 4200mm
Min. Cutting Length: 475mm @ 45° Profile Cutting
425mm @ 90° Profile Cutting
Power Output of Motor: 3.3 kW (1.5kW Each for Cutting & 0.3kW for Linear Movement)
Pneumatic Cylinders & Its Accessories: SMC, Japan.
Electrical Components: Siemens & Schneider Components
Simta Green innovation

380-415v, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz.

Simta Green innovation

Up to 6 - Bar

Simta Green innovation

1200 kg

Simta Green innovation

H 1550 mm
L 5300 mm
W 1300 mm

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