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An angle is formed by the fusion welding process in high precision Lock Hole Routing is a process where slots are created in fabrications for fixing locks and handles. This tool has two parts: the upper one for creating the template for drilling and the lower one for creating the holes. Our USP is the use of the unique self-centring device, a high precision device used for marking slots to prevent any false marking leading to faulty installations.


Product Features

Delivered with Precision

  • Simta Green innovation Drilling and Routing for Door Handle and Other Lock Arrangement of uPVC Profiles.
  • Simta Green innovation Accurate and Precise Routing of the Template Pattern
  • Simta Green innovation Auto Centering is done by Rack & Pinion method to Avoid Manual Errors
  • Simta Green innovation Adjustable Pneumatic Front Clamping of Profile.
  • Simta Green innovation Pneumatic Movement for Triple Spindle Drilling of uPVC Profiles.
  • Simta Green innovation The Height Adjustment has been given for Triple Spindle Drilling Arrangement.
  • Simta Green innovation Rigid Frame for Stability with long life and Accuracy of Function.
Simta Green innovation
Simta Green innovation
High Precise Tooling Part

Triple drilling is the process used to create the slots using a double tool where the bottom tool has three spindles and the top tool has the template for creating the slots or holes.

Simta Green innovation
Precise Routing Technology

Lock Hole Routing system is used to create the slots to complete the frame functionally. Lock Slots and handle slots are created using this technology by us at SIMTA.

Simta Green innovation
Self Centering Mechanism

Cuts down the manual intervention for marking the points to make slots as the marking is done by the machine itself by the self-centring process.

Technical Specifications

Routing Spindle Rotation: 12000 rpm
Drilling Spindle Rotation: 910 rpm
Routing Length: 600 mm
Stroke: 100 mm
Max Profile Dimensions: 110mm x 110mm
Power Output of Motor: 2.0 kW
Pneumatic Cylinders & Its Accessories: SMC, Japan.
Electrical Components: Siemens & Schneider Components
Simta Green innovation

380-415v, 3 ph, 50-60 Hz.

Simta Green innovation

Up to 6 - Bar

Simta Green innovation

250 kg

Simta Green innovation

H 1500 mm
L 2250 mm
W 1100 mm

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